New Huebsch Commercial Washers!

Washing Airbnb sheets in our new 80lb. commercial washers!  

Oxi Clean + Bleach + Pre Wash Spray!

Getting some stains out with a little extra effort! Had to wash this customers stuff twice to get some stains out.

Cleaning inside of dryer

Cleaning the inside of our dryer with oven cleaner to remove years of stains.

Busy Busy Busy

Soap Opry coin laundry getting busy on Tuesday morning.  If you are too busy to stay and wash just drop off your clothes and we will do it for you!  Our laundromat is located close to downtown Nashville for those just traveling through!

Largest washer in nashville

100 lb commercial washer!  Largest in any coin laundry in Nashville, TN.

Sanitizing washers

At the Soap Opry we strive to keep our laundromat the cleanest in Nashville.  

Very clean door gaskets

Here at the Soap Opry Laundry we strive to keep our machines the cleanest in Nashville!  One tricky spot to clean are the door gaskets.  Check out how clean ours are!